Flirting Techniques that have to stop in 2018

The year begins and you have a resolution to find the woman of your life? You have tried several cruising techniques, but they do not seem to work? Maybe you need to understand how women think to get closer to them ... (Begin by listening to the movie What Woman Want with Mel Gibson) .

1. How to charm on social networks

You saw her in a bar, you thought she was cute, she was with friends and you're not sure she's single. You go home, look for her on Facebook, you ad her and write to her in private: "Hi, I saw you at Houston ‘s yesterday and I just wanted to tell you that you are beautiful. Have a good day! "

NO! My guy ... do you know how many messages like yours can receive a beautiful girl, per day, on her Facebook? DO NOT DO THAT! She will not even notice you.

2. Your Approach to Tinder

Please! No "Hi how are you? Neither Your so cute ! "Or phrases that are too strange that would make me think that you may be a possible serial killer. Never forget that women, we think too much. We always see beyond you. In your approach, you have to make her feel like she is the only one. Show her that she is important and that you are really interested in knowing her, more than of the others.

3. The pick-up line

"What are you eating to be so beautiful .?" "These magic phrases, we all heard them at least once before and we are tired of hearing them. If you really want to say something funny, invent an original and unique sentence, validate it before acting it out).

4. Instagram

The worst mistake you can make is cruse on Instagram. Do you sincerely believe that you can engage in an interesting conversation with a girl when you rely solely on her photos to consider that she would like you? We are talking here about superficial cruising and that does not attract good girls and is not a real winner.

5. The desperate guy

If you're really looking for true love, but you've had the brilliant (or no) idea of ​​signing up on ALL apps from around the world, in addition to dating sites and Facebook bachelor groups ... you and I must speak.

A single girl who could be interested in you will quickly drop out when her friends tell her that they see you everywhere. STOP! Help yourself

Basically, if you want to cruise 2017, do not do it on social networks. Go back to the old manners, make a man of yourself and go meet her. There you will be different, shy, true and that's how we love you, we the women.

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