Top 5 dishes to avoid on a date

Imagine this: you are in the restaurant with your first date. Superb casual place, background music, besides the meal we just served you seems exquisite, at least until your partner begins to suck his spaghetti loudly and splashing his sauce all over his shirt. Ouf Seductive.

Here are the 5 types of dishes to eliminate from your list, to preserve the romance of your first encounter.

1 - Messy and "Liquid" dishes

Dishes in the same family as ribs, chicken wings or hamburgers should be avoided. In fact, it's pretty simple: do not order any dish involving eating with your fingers! While these foods are well deserved at an NFL party with your friends, they do not have their place in a first date. You would definitely not want to end up talking with the baked-on barbecue sauce on either side of your face!

2 - Crustaceans

Be careful, we do not talk here about eating shrimp or scallops, but to stay away from seafood shellfish. The crustaceans can do real damage, besides being laborious enough to eat. Let's be frank, you're better off spending quality time chatting with your partner than spending your supper trying to extract the little flesh that's in crab legs.

3 - The food you must "aspire"

Not only is spaghetti messy, but it is one of the foods that must be sucked in order to be eaten. Unless you are one of those who roll a small amount of pasta in a spoon and make one bite, you should consider avoiding the long pasta. The same goes for soups and any other foods that need to be sucked in.

4 - Those responsible for bad breath

It is well known, onions and garlic are enemies of good breath. Even if you love garlic bread, abstain for this evening! Also pay attention to spicy foods, which can sometimes cause you some unpleasant gastric upsets and cause you discomfort.

5 - Foods that get stuck in your teeth

Unfortunately, spinach, pesto and lettuce often tend to get caught in our teeth. Ladies, for those who want to eat healthy and make good impression during the first date, you forget your green salad for this time! Choosing a safe choice will prevent you from talking with a bit of lettuce stuck to the right of your canine.

To conclude

Last advice. In the end, the attention must be focused on the conversion and exchange between yourselves and not on food!