The time I realized that love was not like in fairy tales...

We learn with time. Young, we are all careless, frivolous, we love without limits, without knowing why we love, just to love, to give and to receive. But at a certain age, one realizes that love is not clear, it is not like in the fairy tales where they lived happily and had many children. No, in 2016, it's not that, it's not like it should be.

Today love is blurry. It is like an agreement between two people who agree to spend time together, without much belief that it will last a lifetime. Without wanting to think further, without waiting, without projects of too great a scale. Because today, couples projects serve no purpose. Efforts are rare at home. Love is now ephemeral and is no longer transformed. We want the magic flame of the first moment we want it forever, every day, every second.

We are a generation of "the present moment" and "YOLO". Why predict the future when it is the present moment that counts? But reality is not that. Why throw away when we can recycle, improve, modernize, restore and transform?

Love is like an old Civic 1996. You can put it to scrap and shop another or you can choose to look at what no longer works, change it, improve it, maintain and ultimately conserve it. Yes the old Civic will always be better than the new that you could buy. There is not one who has lived like her, who has overcome many obstacles with you, who was there when you needed her and who is still there today.

We learn with time. We meet people who have different visions of love. There are those who are able to differentiate sex from love and who agree to "share" their loved ones. On the other end there are those that are jealous, possessives, who just die at the thought of imagining their tender half embracing another. Who really knows what love is? It's so subjective. Each one makes his own definition, but here is mine.

Love is first and foremost to love oneself. To see oneself as a person who is distinct without fireworks and then able to love another. Love is the chemistry of hearts, trust and respect between two people with simplicity and complicity.

And if the books taught us that instead .