10 Mistakes Men Make When They "Chat" Online

The online meetings make it easier and faster to communicate between single people looking for a partner. On the other hand, it does not make it any smarter! Perhaps it’s the absence of barriers. However it seems that on line, men allow themselves a little bit more liberty.

Here are the 10 most common mistakes men make (and to avoid!) when they "chat" online.

1. Open the discussion with a stupid question

"Hello. What is your name? Is very popular. The problem with that, my name is written in my profile, so if you take 2 minutes to get interested in what I put there, you'll know! Tip for you men, avoid opening the discussion with an inadequate question or comment. The first impression is very important.

2. To be the "show off"

Believe it or not women love authentic men. No need to tell us such things as: "People say I'm a funny guy", "I'm smart, I have a high IQ," or "I have a beautiful muscled body." In short, use your humor in conversation instead of boasting of humor. It will bring you much more! As for the beautiful body, well, simply never speak of it.

3. Write like a 10 year old child

Please, take the time to write properly. If you do not know how to write, use correction software, use Google or ask someone, but do something to make it happen! There is nothing more "turn off" than to feel like talking with an illiterate.

4. Swear like a lumberjack.

If you use vulgar terms in addition to making grammar mistakes, you can be certain that your first conversation will be the last. The swear words do not mix with women, especially if you are looking for one that is educated and sophisticated.

5. Being desperate

No is no. When you don’t get the first, fifth, or tenth answer, it's because there just not interested. So don’t keep on insisting you only make things worse. Roll up the sleeves and start looking elsewhere.

6. Proposing going to the cinema on a first date.

The first encounter serves to learn to know each other and to discuss openly. Why then propose the cinema, where you find yourselves in front of a 2h movie unable to speak? Pretty absurd! In addition to being limited to discussion, the first meeting should be planned so as not to drag on too long. Having a coffee or a drink is a better option.

7. Write to unreachable women

If you are a 40-year-old civil servant don’t write to a 20-year-old lingerie models hoping for an answer. It's as simple as that. Be aware of who you are and be realistic in your approach. You will avoid bad experiences.

8. Being too sexual and aggressive

Some men have crude language and are far too direct with their sexual demands. Be aware of it. It’s a lack of respect, a lack of class, and simply a no!

9. Asking for a meeting too late (or not asking at all!)

The online "chat" is a good opportunity to start the discussion, but it should end in a face-to-face meeting. Discussing online too long may cause the other party to lose interest, or conversely, create a comfort situation in which it will be difficult to make the jump to a face-to-face meeting. After a few messages, ask them out!

10. Not making any effort

Finally, make an effort to engage in the conversation, maintain it and learn to know your partner by reading his profile well. A simple "hi" and expecting that she asks all the questions and takes over that does not work. We do not like "holes" in conversation, so make sure you keep it going!