5 major reasons why men cheat

Why are men unfaithful? What drives them to deceive their wives? Discover 5 truths that make men more likely to go elsewhere

1 - Lack of sex and Intimacy.

Lack of sex and the absence of an intimate relationship. Absolutely. Moreover, a study carried out by the site of adulterous encounters Entre-Infideles.com in 2013 revealed that nearly 50% of men are unfaithful because they were sexually dissatisfied in their relationship. However, that is not all. Some men are also propelled by feelings and desire that their partner compliment them and showing appreciation. No need to say that if you continuously fall on your spouse's head by reproaching him and demeaning his behavior, this may affect his feelings towards you.

2 - The famous "routine"

Listening to your favorite TV shows on the living room couch every night is not a bad thing in itself, especially when you are both exhausted after a long day of work. On the other hand, try to do activities and go out on weekends. Be fancy on the sexual level and keep it "lit". He must find his life with you exciting otherwise you are quietly heading for a possible adultery event.

3 - Money, always money....

Money is a double-edged knife. Men of a higher social class sometimes have the impression of power and superiority, giving them the "right" to deceive. It is a propensity among very rich men. On the other hand, men who make less money than their wives are also at risk. If they feel inferior or dominated in the relationship, sleeping with several women gives them the impression of regaining their masculinity.

4 - Pure pleasure

As Jean-Michel Hirt, Psychoanalyst and Professor of the University of Paris in Psychopathology says so well: "The desire of man is very immediate: he obeys a mechanism in which excitement engenders erection. To be faithful therefore contradicts his anatomy ... "Men tend to satiate their sexual impulses by all means, and to assume more their infidelity.

5 - Pregnancy

Pregnancy in itself is not a reason for infidelity, but it certainly multiplies its risks. According to a study conducted by the University of Colorado, the risk of being deceived by her partner increases by 5 times when the woman is pregnant. On the other hand, rest assured: this happens only if the relationship of the couple was already deteriorating before the arrival of the pregnancy.

In conclusion

In the end, do not worry too much ladies: fortunately there are faithful men who have the intelligence to recognize what they have. A scientific study by the University of London revealed that faithful men would be more intelligent than unfaithful men because they know the benefits of an exclusive relationship and do not want Compromise the risk of losing everything. So there is still hope!