Friendship between men and women: should we believe?

This question is not new. One has always wondered whether the friendship between a man and woman can exists, or whether it’s impossible. Can one have a relationship with a man other than being her boyfriend without any ambiguity? Some think this is possible while others will always perceive the line as very thin.

Why become friends with the opposite sex?

A friend is someone who is close, who resembles us, who shares the same interests as us, who brings us happiness. In short, we often say that our close friends are like our family! Seeing his best friend as his brother or a member of his family is precisely what prevents sexualizing the relationship.

The male-female friendship is different and rewarding. One can know how the opposite sex functions and thinks with the friends support and experience. It brings a different perspective than same-sex friendship, not to mention that rivalry is absent. It is a special relationship however it can at times easily become more than pure friendship.

A very thin line between friendship and love

Male-female friendship can often be the result of a physical attraction, the desire for a relationship or expectations that have led to nowhere and eventually turned into a bond of friendship. That is the difference. An innocent seduction game is often present in a male-female friendship. Sometimes seduction weighs a little too much in the balance to the detriment of the game so that questions arise and that doubt of friendship sets in.

For men, friendship with women begins with physical attraction much more often than not, so it is difficult to say that the basis of this relationship is purely friendly ... The line is very thin between friendship and Love (or sexual friendship!).

What Studies Demonstrate

Studies tend to say that the friendly relationship between man and woman is almost impossible. Men in particular would have difficulty maintaining a friendship with the opposite sex due to their sexual instinct. It has also been proven that men are more attracted to their friends than women are to their friends.

A study by the Reliance Index of Happiness (IRB) reported that 39% of respondents had already had a feeling of in love with their friend. In 2015, made a study with their readers, revealing that 7 out of 10 people had already kissed a friend. In the end, 50% of respondents believed in male-female friendship, while the other 50% did not believe in it.

The friendship between man and woman remains rather ambiguous. It is always important to establish guidelines and barriers to keep a proper distance with your best friend (boy or girl) so as not to affect your (boyfriend or girlfriend) partner and create conflicts that could end your relationship.