10 things to avoid on a first date

We often talk about things to do on a first encounter, but little of what we absolutely must not do! Here are 10 things to avoid on a date.

1- Do not speak too quickly and without stopping. A first encounter is an exchange, a discussion, and not a "one man show". Conversely, avoid speaking too little. If you are very shy, you may seem disinterested.

2- Turn off your cell phone, or at least avoid watching it every 5 minutes. By spending your time restoring your screen, you send the direct message that you are not interested in what your partner is telling you.

3- Avoid putting on too much: big make-up, creped hair, false nails, false eyelashes, hair extensions. In short, go for it light on everything that is "fake", because to put too much could harm you.

4- Avoid certain dishes. Do not order dishes that are eaten with your hands, which could get stuck between your teeth, or very messy. Whether you like it or not, the way you eat can be a "turn off" for your date.

5- Restrict yourself from talking too often about your ex. You will just seem to be still hooked and not be ready to move on to another relationship.

6- Avoid talking about a too melodramatic subject (disease) or that can cause conflicts of opinion (political).

7- Do not show your chest but more your intelligence! If you want a serious relationship and not an idyll of a night, do not bet too much on your physical assets.

8- The idea of ​​the leading woman is good. On the other hand, by appearing too hard or too harsh, you could scare them, so do not be too authoritarian. Same thing for the men!

9- Avoid being too fast. Do not skip steps, take your time.

10- Be truthful. Do not lie this will bring you no good. Tell the truth and show yourself in your true light.