How to dress for a first date?

We all want to make a good impression on a first date. Well, whether we think it’s superficial or not, the first impression is that which remains imbedded in our memory and it directly correlates with the way we dress! What should we wear to make a good first impression on our first date? Here are some tips to help you choose the appropriate outfit for the occasion.


1) Dress according to the occasion.

Evaluate the type of date you are going on correctly. Do not put a pair of high heels and a short tight dress for coffee! Or, keep in mind that you are not going to the office or a funeral, so leave the tailored suit aside. Choose casual clothes with a little touch of chic.

2) Avoid the extra short or large neckline

It's nice to want to show off, but you don’t want to look like a bimbo! Joking aside, dresses can be dangerous: sometimes too short, sometimes too low-cut. Choose wisely, focusing instead on the classic side rather than the "bar girl" type.

3) Wear a little bit of color

Dressing up with a bit of color brings out your beautiful features and brings forward your unique style. Wear large earrings, a colored top or a scarf with patterns. In short, try to have at least one item that has color to avoid looking dreary.

4) Go light on makeup.

Contrary to what one may think, men do not necessarily like women with a lot of make-up. Opt for a light make-up with a colored lipstick, or make your eyes stand out and go with a neutral lipstick. You can opt to go with the natural look, but the mascara remains a good bet!

5) Highlighting your assets.

If you choose a beautiful low-cut blouse, then opt for cigarette style pants. You wear a skirt, put on a more casual sweater to put the emphasis on your legs. Showing all of your assets at the same time can make you look a little 'too much'.


1) Dress according to the occasion

The tie and suit is chic, but not necessarily suitable for a first date. Same thing for the bow tie! Women want to see your usual style, but a little more neat. So wear a nice pair of jeans with a shirt or a sweater with long chic-casual sleeves that will enhance your torso.

2) Avoid graffiti t-shirts

If you have a t-shirt with your favorite band on it or tagged with a bad joke or graffiti please leave it at home. Better to go with a safe bet and opt for a slightly more "manly" top.

3) Make yourself a nice grooming.

Trust us: it's better to shave and comb and look like your fresh out of bed! The manner in which a man takes care of himself say’s a lot about his personality. No need to tell you to take a good shower. Do not put too much perfume (but do put some on!) Don’t forget the deodorant!

4) Wear comfortable clothes

Wear clothes in which you feel comfortable. If not it will not only bother you all night, but your partner might notice. Do not wear clothes that you would not usually wear just to impress your date.

5) Highlighting your assets.

Pants that are too tight may make you look feminine while to large will make you look neglected. So, pay attention to how your clothes make you look like. Small note: if you have fragile skin, with acne avoid red or white as these colors bring out the acne.