"BeMyGuest is the mix of old fashion way to date and the new technologie "

"I worked with Professor Willy Pasini on a project about male-female relationships for over 10 years. I've studied the dating market, its key players, and what they have to offer as well as users' psychological and emotional variable. 


My research led me to discover something notable about online dating: the process of two people meeting is often slow. In order to change this, I understood that by using an invitation to a restaurant or event as a medium, both partie 

immediately have a way to encourage a first date. By doing so, one avoid the usual discussions pertaining to a first date, which sometimes create more problems than solutions. BeMyGuest was born from that idea; a dating platform that is a perfect ice breaker, while encouraging two people to meet at a place of their choice. Agreeing with my vision, Professor Willy Pasini suggested we co-write a book on this topic."

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